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The Organic Period Subscription Box, Changing The Way You Period.

Where It All Began

Coronavirus not only changed our worlds forever but changed my period routine. During the first UK lockdown when only essential stores were open and aisles were empty, I was scrambling for period products in my home. I was also experiencing my (ab)normal period symptoms like cramps, back ache, throwing up etc. It was awful. 

Prior to the pandemic, I tweeted the below on period pains not knowing that a month later we would be experiencing the most seismic change we have ever seen in the last 100 years:


As I waded through the replies, I realised that there was a common theme, women were struggling to manage their periods and all the micro (and macro, if your symptoms are anything like mine ) traumas associated with it. 

I was fixated with building this community and wanted to create it organically and felt events, putting period self care at the centre, was where I wanted to begin - until event spaces closed down. 

This forced me to really think outside the box as to how I could provide period education and help women like myself, feel better and pampered even on their worst period days. 

Queue fleur, the concept store for your period and the first product in our range, an organic period subscription box, changing the way you period. 

The fleur box

Period products should be good to your body and this is what drove me to feature only organic period essentials in my fleur box.  The benefits of organic products include: no pesticides, no fragrance and no chlorine. Why would you want these things to interact so intimately with your body? Our box allows you to chose from 10, 12 or 15 sanitary towels, tampons or a mixture of both, depending on your flow. 

Our box also features the following: sweet treats (suitable for vegans too), teas and 2-3 skin care items. 

The aim here is for you to feel spoilt because you go through enough as it is. 

We're a concept store for period self-care, so expect so much more from us. However for now, unbox your gorgeous fleur box, slip on the mask sheet we provide, drink your tea, devour the treats and enjoy yourself. 



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