Self-Care Inspired By Periods - Order Your February Box Now.

Our February "Be My Valentine Box" Is Live.

Treat your body to the love it deserves this month and order our valentine themed period self care box.

Find true zen with our gorgeous teas, delicious chocolates, skin care items and organic sanitary towels and/ or tampons.


fleur [flur] noun (plural fleurs)

from Old French (flower; the finest part of nature)

Hey flower,

Think of us as a concept store for your periods.

We're building a community with menstrual self-care at the forefront because we know how incredibly agonising periods can be.

We believe that pampering shouldn't just end when your period starts, and we've created some products to prove it.

We're changing the way you period by turning period days into pamper days.

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Take A Look Inside Our Period Subsription Box...

I absolutely love my Fleur box! It was my first time having a self care period box. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I was actually forward to my period so I could try the cotton organic sanitary towels and of course enjoy all the yummy treats. The pads are so good and I usually don’t like changing pads. Thank you for providing a handful of them too!


The box.. its really good..everything is perfect"


I like that it smells so nice when you open it, its like oo yessss! The shredded paper and petals vibe is great and makes you want to keep digging and see what's in there"


It’s nice to know that there are people out there who are thinking about feminine care holistically.
My mum enjoyed the sweets and it’s so worth it. Can’t wait to try the teas and see what else they have for the next months.
Every woman needs this!

V Teniola

How It Works

1. Personalise your fleur period box. Select organic sanitary towels, tampons or a combination of both.

2. Wait for your period box to arrive.

3. Share the love on your social media. Use the #fleurbox.

4. Give us our flowers, whilst we can still smell them, by leaving a review.

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